Choosing and Buying Best Electric Skateboards – A Complete Guide

So the quest to be the next Marty Mcfly has interested you?

We may not have the futuristic hoverboard that “Back to the Future” has shown us but in 2018, we have the closest thing as best electric skateboards have now entered the market.

It is evolution at it’s finest.

The future is here!

Question is, what should you look for in a good electric skateboard?

Most reasons we buy electric skateboards reside in commuting. What makes it different from the everyday skateboard is the control and the choice to go FASTER.

Here is a list of what you should consider when buying an electric skateboard.

1. Price

• For the newbies, the cheapest electric skateboards go for $300-$500. It’s not going to be as fast as the most expensive but it’s light and for the purpose of going around the city and not stressing about how heavy it is, these boards are recommended
• For the advanced users and those looking for the thrill in going fast and maximum torque, these boards can go from $1500-1700. These boards can go up to 20 mph on a single charge.

2. Weight

Weight is important to know before buying the board … Read the rest