So the quest to be the next Marty Mcfly has interested you?

We may not have the futuristic hoverboard that “Back to the Future” has shown us but in 2018, we have the closest thing as best electric skateboards have now entered the market.

It is evolution at it’s finest.

The future is here!

Best Electric Skateboards

Question is, what should you look for in a good electric skateboard?

Most reasons we buy electric skateboards reside in commuting. What makes it different from the everyday skateboard is the control and the choice to go FASTER.

Here is a list of what you should consider when buying an electric skateboard.


• For the newbies, the cheapest electric skateboards go for $300-$500. It’s not going to be as fast as the most expensive but it’s light and for the purpose of going around the city and not stressing about how heavy it is, these boards are recommended
• For the advanced users and those looking for the thrill in going fast and maximum torque, these boards can go from $1500-1700. These electric boards can go up to 20 mph on a single charge.


Weight is important to know before buying the board because for those times you will need to carry it or lose battery, the purpose would be important to note here. If you are looking at commuting reasons, then a light board would be the option. On the other hand, if speed is your choice, the heavier ones pack more power and torque.


If you’re a thrill seeker, the cheaper ones may not interest you. For everyday use on the other hand like going to work or losing the interest in walking? The more affordable ones are what’s best for you

Battery Duration


Always check how long it takes for the battery of the skateboard to run out. Your purpose for using an electric skateboard should match the features of the product so it benefits you on your everyday needs.

Design & Size


Nobody likes a bulky unfashionable electric skateboard. Pick one that is suitable for your needs. If it’s going to work, make sure it can fit easy for storage. If it’s for thrill seeking and checking how fast you can feel the wind blow in your hair? Bulky is not going to be a problem

Control System


Every board has its own unique controller. Some have the ability to connect to your phone while others have their own unique controller. There are features such as recording how far you have travelled, battery information, games and etc. Find a controller that matches your style and personality


Now best electric skateboards were not really made for tricks such as a kick-flip or a varial flip. Some lighter boards have been known for people to do some tricks like pop-shove its or manuals. This will depend on the weight and size of the electric longboards. If you can’t get rid of your creative mind-set when it comes to tricks, lighter, smaller electric boards are for you guys.

Choosing and Buying Best Electric Skateboards – A Complete Guide