There is just something about skating that gets people excited and hyped up. Apart from being able to get a dose of relaxation from it, people also find it a great way means of transportation. The traditional skateboard has evolved into a more dynamic and innovative device. Hence, the emergence of electric skateboard that is easily accessible in physical and online stores. If you are looking to buy your first unit or an upgrade, check out this electric skateboard review. The URBANPRO Electric Skateboard with Remote Control is one of the top-rated devices in the market. Take a look at its features and drawbacks to know if this is a perfect match for you.

Features and SpecificationsURBANPRO Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

Excellent Battery Capacity and Powerful Motor

This device only needs 3 hours to fully charge because it has a superb battery capacity like RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard. It lets you skate to 10 miles with high torque even in 20% grade hill without trouble. This is made possible by its powerful 400W brushless motor. This has 11 composite layers made of fiberglass and maple and can load weight of up to 265 lbs.

Remote with Multiple Functions

Just like the SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller, this device has a remote that lets you take over control and choose from 3-speed modes that will suit your skating level. It lets you change gears, brake, charge forward, pull backward and accelerate anytime, anywhere.

The Good

Cost-effective, Convenient, and Efficient Riding

This device comes with a gorgeous design that is made of maple and fiberglass layers. It lets you cruise in hills and in varied terrains with a powerful torque in far distances. It comes with solid and high-quality PU wheels for excellent grip when riding and a multifunctional remote that can let you choose among varied settings instantly without a hassle. Apart from the smooth and convenient riding, you can also enjoy their after-sale service and varying warranties for its parts. Just like the Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard, this is an excellent choice for an entry-skate or an upgrade.

The Bad

Need Extra Caution in Handling Batteries

This device works great in giving you excellent performance. However, you should pay a lot of attention to the way you charge this device. Make sure it does not go overboard the charging time as it may lead to problems over time. There have been users complaining about batteries that started to have problems after some time of use. In this case, monitoring your use and charging according to the manufacturer’s advice, you get to prolong your battery life better.

Who Is It for?

The URBANPRO Electric Skateboard with Remote Control is an excellent device for those who want to experience smooth rides that can last for a long time. This is for those who want the convenience of being in control of their settings in an instant. This excellent choice for beginners and pro riders delivers the riding experience they need for all types of terrains.


Finding an electric skateboard that suits your riding preferences and needs can be quite a challenge especially now that we have hundreds to thousands of options to choose from. There are a lot of great features available in these units, but the defining factor always boils down to features that can suit your needs and wants. Check out this review and determine if this electric skateboard is the perfect choice for your purchase.

URBANPRO Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Review